Today we’d like to announce the development of Registry Inspector, a new and improved Windows registry analysis tool. Registry Inspector is a fork of the 2.0 branch of the popular Registry Decoder tool, which 504ENSICS Co-Founder, Dr. Lodovico Marziale, and our friend and co-researcher Andrew Case originally developed in 2011. Registry Inspector will feature a completely redesigned GUI, a 64-bit version of the tool, and many features not currently available in the current Registry Decoder release.

For a sneak peak of the new GUI please see the video below (refresh the page if it doesn’t show up the first time). We’d love to hear your feedback on the new design. Please email!

About 504ENSICS Labs

504ENSICS Labs is a privately-owned firm that specializes in cutting edge research and development of tools and techniques for digital forensics and computer security. In order to keep current, 504ENSICS Labs also provides digital forensics, network, and application security services and offers training on the same.

The co-founders, Lodovico Marziale, Ph.D. (CV) and Joe T. Sylve, M.S. (CV), are well known in the digital forensics and computer security research community, have published research in several peer-reviewed academic journals, and have presented their research at many conferences across the country.