On Saturday May 17th, 2014 we hosted the second ever BSides NOLA, a New Orleans Network Security conference a short walk from the historical French Quarter. This year was bigger and somehow managed to be even better than last year’s conference! We kicked off registration a full twenty minutes early this year since we developed a line of enthusiastic attendees before we had even finished setting up. It’s passion and excitement like that that characterized the feeling of the day. All told, we had a chance to enjoy a day of learning and networking (and eating/drinking) with over one hundred forty people!

Our 15 speakers, including our keynote Dionysus Blazakis, blew us away. They shared their expertise and experiences working for incredible industry titans to foster fantastic discussions. During the afternoon we were pleased to host Fire Talks given by other attendees as well. Some of the topics covered at the conference included malware, reverse engineering, social engineering, risk management, and industry insights.

As a post-Snowden conference, we are all even more aware of how important and multi-faceted computer, digital, and network security are in a practical and theoretical sense. The conversations these talks spawned exhibit that awareness. Guests and speakers alike enjoyed the discussions the conference began and did a good bit of networking in the process. Meeting old friends and making new ones is a pleasant side effect of the BSides conferences.

We would like to finish this up with the thanks that so many deserve who helped make this event happen. Our speakers were center piece in the learning process and we thank them all for taking the time to come and nurture our community. We would like to thank our attendees who this was all for. We hope you enjoyed yourself and stay involved in the community. Finally, last but certainly not least, we want to thank the sponsors for helping this actually happen: Globenet, GE, NolaCon, R2 Cybersecurity, SANS, and Volatility.

We look forward to seeing you all again at next year’s BSides NOLA conference.


504ENSICS Labs – Conference Organizers