So, here’s our wrap up of recent cyber security related events to keep you in the know.
Pf Chang’s
PF Chang’s was the latest in the long line of security breaches. Credit and debit card data was stolen (as usual) and popped up on the same site where some of the loot from the recent Target breach was sold. No word yet on how the breach occurred, but it’s bound to be a simple attack against nearly non-existent security practices. It’s definitely time for retailers to get their collective heads in  the game. See the links below for details.
iOS Hack
Yet another complex key sequence was discovered that allows those in possession of an iPhone the ability to access the most recently opened app, bypassing pin/passphrase security. It requires a set of circumstances – a missed call, etc. – but it is still worth reading about if you value the confidentiality of the data on your device. Security requires vigilance!
Gameover Zeus Botnet and CryptoLocker
Finally some good news: the feds (around the world) have stepped in to deal both the Gameover Zeus Botnet, used for collecting banking password among other things, and the aptly described ransomware, Cryptolocker – which encrypts the data on your computer and then demands a payment (the ransom) in order to decrypt the files. Good job on the worldwide effort. We need to see more of this kind of cooperation if we’re going to be able to fight off the next wave of cyber attacks.
These were just a few of the notable recent happenings in the cyber security world. For nore up to the minute stories, check out our Facebook page!